Current Version: 2012-03-01 (2.2.1)
for Windows XP, Vista and 7
Find Email Addresses...
  • ... on websites
  • ... in guestbooks and portals
  • ... with search engines
  • ... from Outlook, Excel etc.
  • ... in any file

Other Features:
  • Easy comparison of email lists
  • Saves TXT, CSV, XML, SQL, DBF
  • Exchange with other programs
  • Tracing links in up to 100 levels
  • Filter lists and selective deletion
  • Finding duplicate addresses
online email grabber - symbolic picture

This email extractor software is the ideal solution for all companies and webmasters, who have to find and manage a huge amount of email addresses for newsletters, etc.
Find reliable email addresses on your PC and the Internet. The keyword search finds specifically addresses of certain industries.
When searching the Internet links to other sites are traced, with various available settings the quality always remains perfectly.
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